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P.T. Vineburgh Debunks Common Market Predictions and Offers His Expert Opinion

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While some market predictions are accurate, many are not. It is commonly heard that the housing market is nearing it’s peak, but Founding Partner of Charlesgate Realty, P.T. Vineburgh believes otherwise. Read below as he debunks what you have been hearing about the future state of the Boston real estate market and offers some insightful Continue Reading →

Industry Insight: Where is the Boston Multifamily Market headed in 2014?


Many of us from Charlesgate Realty and our Mutlifamily Division were able to attend yesterday’s BISNOW 4th Annual Multifamily Summit. There were two panels of speakers that represented property owners, developers, and financiers from around Boston and New England. Some of the panel speakers included Harold Brown, CEO of Hamilton Company which owns over 5,000 Continue Reading →