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Boston real time market trendsSpot Real Estate Trends Immediately with our Real Time Market Reports

Most newspaper articles are based on sold property data that closed the previous month and more than likely went under contract several months ago.  You’re seeing what the market WAS like 3-4 months ago at best.  But there’s a better way to spot trends in the market, based on active listings, current showing activity, recent offers, and other real time data – all from local neighborhood level activity!

Included in the reports:

• Detailed statistics drilled down to the neighborhood level
• Trend graphs showing the direction of prices, number of homes available, and other key metrics – IN REAL TIME
• Properties and stats separated by four price level quartiles (the luxury market behaves a lot different from the average market) – now see how your price range is trending.
• Market action index that shows just how active the market is right now

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Boston real estate market trendsIncredible depth of analysis.
Over 90 pages of useful and easy to understand graphs and local market data…including information that you simply will not find elsewhere.

michael dimellaReport written by Michael DiMella, Managing Partner of Charlesgate Realty. Frequently quoted in news publications like the Boston Globe and the Wall Street Journal, Michael is a recognized expert in the real estate industry and was selected as one of the top 30 Under 30 Realtors in America in 2008.

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