Get New Listings When They Hit The Market

Get New Listings When They Hit Market

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Listings matching your search criteria emailed directly to you daily!

Your time is valuable. Don’t spend needless time searching through listing after listing online. Let the properties come to you. Enter your home search criteria once (it can be edited at any time if needed of course), and our system goes into the MLS (the listing database containing all the Boston area listings), seeks out only properties matching your criteria, and sends only new ones to your inbox each day. Sign up now!

Get as specific as you liketowns, neighborhoods, price range, home size and types, and much more
Your search can be easily edited at any timeor you can set up multiple searches
No email clutteryou’ll get 1 email daily with only properties that match your search (see sample to left)
Be the first to knowsee properties immediately as they come on market
It’s a free service, and you can easily unsubscribe at any time

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Don’t miss any properties!
Don’t worry about forgetting to search that day and missing a great listing, this search does all the work for you. Stop searching and start finding. Let the properties come to you.

If I had to pick one tool that most helped my home search and made it easy to locate the house I wanted to buy, the daily property alerts from Charlesgate Realty would be it.

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