What Is Buyer Agency

As a potential buyer of real estate in Boston, what type service do you look for? Do you look for service that is honest, knowledgeable, and in your best interest? Of course. Well, when you are buying real estate, you can certainly expect honesty from the seller’s agent, right? How about knowledge – is the seller’s agent going to share any market knowledge with you? The answer may not be so clear. And, is the seller’s agent going to act in your best interest? Sorry to say, but the answer here is certainly not. The seller’s agent job is to get the highest possible price for the seller. While he or she has a responsibility to be honest with you, and he or she may share some knowledge with you as long as it doesn’t compromise the seller’s position; the seller’s agent cannot legally work in your best interest. If you want a trusted advisor by your side, working in your best interests, then you need to hire a professional Realtor as a Buyer’s Agent.

Here at Charlesgate Realty Group we offer the finest services as Buyer’s Agents. We work with you as a team throughout your entire real estate transaction. Our approach is not a sales approach. We spend the time cultivating a trusting relationship with you as our buyer client so that we can educate you on the real estate market and you can educate us on your needs as a buyer. We want your real estate transaction to go as smoothly as possibly. The knowledge we provide makes that happen.

Below are just some of the benefits you will receive when you hire Charlesgate Realty Group as your trusted Buyer’s Agent:

  • Your home search will be more efficient and effective. We will counsel you and perform a needs analysis to set basic criteria for your new home search to allow us to narrow the scope of your search. There will be fewer wasted visits to homes you don’t like.
  • You become part of a team with us. We can swap information back and forth confidentially. We will provide you with our knowledge of the market based on years of experience and analysis. We will disclose all information to you about the real estate market that will benefit you. As your agent, our fiduciary duties of obedience, loyalty, disclosure, confidentiality, accountability, and reasonable care and diligence will be provided to you.
  • We level the playing field for you. We negotiate for you against the seller and his or her agent. We provide accurate market analysis and property assessment for a firm foundation to negotiate from.
  • You get a competitive edge. Compared to all the buyers going it alone, you will have a leg up armed with all the professional knowledge Charlesgate Realty Group provides you as your partner.
  • Charlesgate Realty Group provides you a higher level of service than anyone else. ETHICS. RELATIONSHIPS. RESULTS. Those values are not only the foundation of our business; they are a pledge of service that we stand by every day. Nothing makes us prouder than seeing a satisfied client walk away knowing the service they got from Charlesgate Realty Group was far greater than they ever expected.