Boston Apartment Rental Process

Our rental department is here to guide you through the apartment search process, locate an apartment that works for you,  help you submit an application to secure the apartment, and assist with your move-in.  Historically, the rental market for Boston apartments has been a very competitive market, and it has become even more so now that the sales market has slowed down.  It can even get a little crazy at times – sometimes it seems like it is more difficult to rent an apartment in Boston than to buy one.  But we’re here to educate you and guide you through the market step by step to help you find a great apartment for rent in the area.

Step 1: Needs Analysis

The first step in the rental process is to establish a set of realistic guidelines and parameters to work with throughout your home search.  Our agents are trained to discuss your needs in depth to ensure we are working with you to find the best apartment for you.  Some parameters you may want to think about include:

  • Area of city
  • Move in date
  • Number of bedrooms needed
  • Desired amenities
  • Budget or price range

Step 2: Locate and Select an Apartment

The next step is to meet with one of our leasing associates and view property that fits the criteria of your search. The purpose of this is two-fold:

  • Get familiar with the current rental market
  • Find the property that best suits your needs

It is recommended that you that you always enter the selection process with some form of payment ready to secure a home. The rental market is highly competitive and a day, even hours, can determine whether or not a property will remain available. In the case that you come across a desired property our job is to ensure that you are able to secure it. To begin this process you will need to complete a rental application and remit a deposit. Acceptable forms of payment are check, money order, cash, debit card, credit card, or wire transfer.

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Step 3: Application Process

Once you have found a home that satisfies all of your needs and have decided you want to rent it, the next step is to secure the apartment. Please keep in mind that competition within the rental market for nice properties is strong and securing the apartment in a timely manner is imperative.  At the time of the application, you will typically be asked to submit a deposit of a minimum of one month’s rent and to provide current and former landlord contact information, current employer contact information, and a credit reference. Whenever coming to view property be prepared to:

  • Complete a rental application
  • Provide a form of payment for the first months rent as deposit
  • Bring all necessary contact information for references (current and former landlords, employer, etc.)
  • A credit and background check will typically be performed once you submit an application

Step 4: Approval Process

The ultimate decision regarding acceptance lies with the property owner or management company. They will be provided with your rental application and deposit, along with all applicable reference checks. The approval process will usually range from hours to days, depending on the amount of time required to check references. Once the application is accepted, the final steps in the apartment rental process are executed. These include:

  • Complete lease paperwork
  • Remit remainder of payments due

A majority of landlords and property management companies require the deposit of the first month’s rent, last month’s rent, and a security deposit (in many cases this is equal to one month’s rent).  These payments can typically be spaced out accordingly up to date of move in, but you should be prepared to have the funds available prior to move in.

Step 5: Move In

Moving can be stressful, for sure, but we have ways to help you all the way through and after your move in.



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