Home Seller Seminar

boston home selling classWith the shifting dynamics of the Boston real estate market and the new ways buyers search for and buy homes, you can no longer rely on the “same old” methods to get your condo sold. At least not if you want to get top value.

Presented by acclaimed experts in the Boston Real Estate Market from Charlesgate Realty Group, this is your chance to learn the new ways to sell your home to maximize your sale price.  With recent market improvements, sellers now have the opportunity to take advantage of the market and maximize the sale price of their home. But there are a several key steps in the home marketing & selling process to learn to do just that. Get educated in a casual, fun setting and avoid the pitfalls that can cause financial and emotional problems during the selling process.

Attend our FREE Boston home selling class to learn:

  • Understanding the Boston real estate market: Price trends, inventory, seasonality, neighborhood micro-locality
  • How to effectively market your home in 2013
  • Pricing strategies: maximizing your sale price while minimizing time on market
  • Is staging your home really necessary? (and how much does it cost?)
  • Determining the best timing to sell your home
  • Creating leverage to negotiate offers and counter offers
  • How to select the right agent to market your home
  • 5 Key (and inexpensive) cosmetic touch ups to make your home “pop!”

Is this class for you?  Well, if you’re looking for a fun, low key, and informal way to learn the Boston real estate market from the experts, then YES!  You’ll have a chance to ask any questions you want and get the straight scoop from us. Plus we’ll have free food and beverages!  How can you pass that up!