North End

The North End is one of Boston’s most historic neighborhoods. Traditionally the first stop for immigrants arriving in Boston, the North End is most well known as an enclave of Italian immigrants. Today the North End is populated by a mixture of Italian Americans and young professionals who are attracted to the neighborhood’s tight-knit feel and access to downtown. Tourists come from near and far to sample authentic Italian cuisine, enjoy a cannoli or a cappuccino, and explore its narrow streets. In recent years, a number of boutiques have opened in the North End specializing in everything from trendy clothing to jewelry.

About the Community

Revered for its intimate atmosphere, top-notch dining options, and landmark status, North End’s character-filled apartment buildings, humble churches, and narrow alleyways conjure visions of old Europe. Rusted iron fire escapes and striped green awnings are suspended above North End’s various Italian pastry shops, cafes, and fine-dining restaurants. Stay in the neighborhood and you’ll be playing bocce ball with a man named Frankie faster than you can finish your cannoli—a treasured North End treat.


North Station is served by commuter trains from north of the city, and the Downeaster Amtrak service running between Boston and Portland, ME. By foot, the best way to get to the North End is to follow the Freedom Trail from downtown Boston.