Charlestown sits on the banks of Boston Harbor and the Mystic River on the north side of the city.  For many years, the population was dominated by Irish immigrants, and today, the Irish still maintain a cultural stronghold but have been joined by middle-class professionals who are enticed by the old architecture and easy commute.  Rich in history, Charlestown is home to such noteworthy landmarks as the U.S.S. Constitution, the Bunker Hill Monument, and the Navy Yard. Charlestown has transformed its historical beginnings into a thriving 21st Century neighborhood.

About the Community

Charlestown boasts a lovely combination of old and new -history and renovation, along with great places for families and young professionals. Charlestown’s popularity stems from the advantageous location and accessibility to Downtown and the North End. Many residents find it convenient to walk to their workplaces rather than drive. Residents, new and old, frequent the local restaurants and establishments along Main Street and in City Square.


Charlestown is accessible by train, car, bus, and boat. The F4 water taxi runs between Long Wharf and the Charlestown Navy Yard. The Navy Yard dock is very close to the U.S.S. Constitution. You can drive in from Exit 25 (Causeway St./North Station) and Exit 28 (Charlestown/Sullivan Square) on Route I-93, the Charlestown/Somerville Exit on Route 1 after the Tobin Bridge, Storrow Drive in Boston or Memorial Drive in Cambridge. Orange Line: The Community College and Sullivan Square stops both serve Charlestown. You can also take bus routes 92 and 93 go to Charlestown.