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Sarah Herbert Charlesgate Realty Group - Buyer Agent

Sarah Herbert
(p): 857.383.3123
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Sarah has excelled at Charlesgate representing buyers. She is a strong advocate for her clients – proven with all of her amazing reviews below! Sarah believes in educating her clients on the process of buying in this area – whether first time buyers or seasoned veterans. Always professional – she will make the process smooth from the initial meeting to well after the closing – attending to all of the aspects of the transaction. You are in good hands! Realizing most people are busy in their lives – she strives to make the purchase process as efficient as possible.

Sarah has lived in Boston for the past decade and has a passion for the area and real estate. In her free time, she enjoys working in her public garden plot and checking out new restaurants.

Sarah is an Photobucket ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative) and also has the Photobucket Green Designation, both from the National Association of Realtors.


See her reviews below.

“My boyfriend and I were first time buyers, so naturally we had all the questions, concerns and worries as any other first timers. To be honest, we weren’t even sure when and where we’d make a decision on buying a condo, especially on this slow market. But we made our decision to at least throw ourselves out there to test the water, so we found Charlesgate Realty on Yelp, and found the best salesperson there. I’m very reluctant to use the word “salesperson”, because Sarah Herbert never played sales tricks on us. What she did was to listen, clarify our needs, drive us around in her hybrid car, and provide her professional opinions. We were very open and straightforward with her from the start about what we could do and what our limits were. Every time after a condo visit, we talked about what we liked and what we didn’t. Sarah listened, shared with us her thoughts, and left it completely to us to make a decision. Again as first time buyers, we weren’t able to pull the trigger after the first few visits, but it became clearer and clearer what worked for us. ??We ended up finding our home after 4 rounds of visits, and have been loving it ever since we moved in. I have to say Sarah was an amazing consultant who found every single way to seek more information for us. The seller and the association didn’t have a floor plan ready for us, but now we do, because Sarah brought a tape measure and drew one for us! Towards the end, we didn’t know what Sarah did, but she successfully negotiated for us. What we needed to do was to tell her what we could do and she got it done! ??I tell all my friends about Sarah, and would like to share our experience on here as well. It is important to find someone you trust to buy a home with. We are very fortunate to find Sarah, and if next time we need a new home, we know who to go to. Eva Z.


“Have had a great experience with Charlesgate for two purchases and one sale during the 10 years I have lived in Boston. I would highly recommend them.??The first purchase was in the summer of 2005. I worked with Todd to get a place that fit my needs: lots of space, close to transportation, parking, and within my budget. We found all of these things (and more) and I ended up living there from 2005 until moving a little over a month ago in May 2011. While very satisfied with my place, even up until the end, I had grown tired of the neighborhood and was looking to upgrade a bit.??So, I contacted Charlesgate again. This time both for the sale, and for the purchase of a new place in the South End. At first I used their online tools to familiarize myself with what I could expect to find within my price range. This was great as I got email daily about the new properties that matched my criteria. While I started doing this in January, the market didn’t seem to really pick up until March or April – no surprise there. But looking this far in advance, the tools gave me some good insight into what to expect.??During this time, I was in contact with Todd, again, for the sale, and Sarah for the purchase. I let them know that I was “passively looking” and would let them know if I saw something I was interested in. They also agreed to let me know if they saw something that may have fit my needs.??By the time March came along, I got much more serious about the purchase. I contacted Sarah about looking at some places I found interesting and she did likewise. And, in that process we did find a place that I liked – liked enough to put an offer on. Before placing the offer, Sarah did the due diligence of pulling comps, providing her insight as a salesperson in the South End, etc. Together we zeroed in on what I should offer and what my price boundaries should be. Well as it turns out, we placed the offer and the owners had a competing bid. It went to “best and final” and I ended up not getting the property. But, we stuck to our principles and, to this day, I firmly believe that we made the right decision about what the property was worth.??For the next few weeks, we continued looking at properties here and there. Sarah got a better feel for what I liked as well as where I wanted to live. We saw a lot of properties that were good but just not “the one.” That was until Sarah called me on a Thursday morning and asked if I had yet seen a property online she thought I would like. The property was only a few minutes “old” on MLS. I checked it out online and it looked, on paper, to have everything I wanted…and in my price range! Despite pushback from the listing agent (he wanted to wait for an open house on Sunday), she got me in to check it out. It was perfect – even better than the one that I had originally bid on. We consulted again and made an offer at asking. Well, we go it and I couldn’t be happier. (We later came to find out that there were at least 2 other parties that had placed offers above asking) So, needless to say, we were very happy.??Sarah helped with everything else going forward: gave great references for a mortgage broker, home inspector, etc. She kept the purchase on track and met all of our commitments. It was truly no hassle.??Then there came the daunting task of selling my first condo. This was something I was not looking forward to as I was really unsure of how that would go. Would we price it right? Would it go within a reasonable amount of time? etc.??Now that the purchase was locked, I sat down with Todd to get the sale underway. We zeroed in on a price that we thought was good given the market conditions, etc; justifying our price based upon comps, features, and the like. Our price, if accepted, would put me on very good footing considering the currently down real estate market.??In addition to helping me set a price, Todd, did great work to get my condo listed in a professional manner. The pictures and virtual tour that Charlesgate had put together were outstanding. They were so good that other people in my building (with identical units) could not believe how great they were – and these were all taken on a dark and gloomy day.??We ended up listing on a Thursday, and all I have to say is that I had three cash offers in my hand by Sunday (after the first open house). I accepted a cash offer only 2k shy of my asking price with *no* contingencies. I couldn’t ask for more.??As with Sarah, Todd and his coworkers did all of the heavy lifting from that point forward. They got the documents in order, had the fire inspection done, and took care of all the loose ends. The only thing I had to do was think about how and when I wanted to move – they handled everything.??All in all, I am very satisfied with the service I got from Charlesgate. They took a normally stressful time and made it as simple as possible – I couldn’t ask for more. I would highly recommend them again!
Craig T.


“We met Sarah Herbert three years ago when we were looking for an apartment in Back Bay. She listened to exactly what we wanted, and scored us an amazing Commonwealth Ave apartment for an incredibly affordable price. We promised ourselves that when we bought a condo in the future, we would only use Sarah as our realtor. My husband and I just bought a condo in Beacon Hill, and Sarah was an AMAZING support, friend, and professional throughout the entire process. She educated us, stood up for us, and ultimately got us exactly what we wanted. And considering she has listened to us talk about and search for a home for the past few years, she is also incredibly patient! We’ve met a lot of realtors along the way, and Sarah and her team are the only ones we trust. Charlesgate is a great group, and when we buy our next property, we are certainly going to call Sarah again. She is nothing but amazing.”  Katie S.


“I had Sarah Herbert as my realtor to help my buy a home. She is excellent with first time home buyers. Very patient.
I started my search early, about 6 months before I was serious about actually looking. She set me up on the search engine and I received daily updates new listings that were very helpful. She did call to check up on me a few times, which was helpful as I had questions for her.
Once I was serious she was able to help me with the whole process. I was unfamiliar with the search, application and mortgage process, but she was able to recommend the right people to talk to. She was knowledgeable about the neighborhood I wanted (Brookline/Cambridge) and was super nice and friendly throughout everything. I didn’t realize that we had a mutual acquaintance that used her as a realtor as well. My buying situation was unique and difficult but Sarah and the mortgage company she recommended held my hand and guided me throughout the whole thing. In the end, I closed on time and couldn’t be happier. Sarah also followed up with me after I closed and still continues to answer any questions that I had post-closing. I would totally use Sarah and Charlesgate again for my next purchase (which hopefully won’t be for a while).”  Andy H.


“My fiance and I worked with Sarah Herbert at Charlesgate to purchase a condo in Fort Point Channel. Sarah did a tremendous job in all respects – from the offer/acceptance, to the home inspection, to navigating the condo doc, to finding a mortgage, to getting us across the finish line at closing. Sarah was very familiar with neighborhoods and pricing but also took the time to listen to and answer our questions (and also listen to my ranting analyses). Sarah even made herself available to let in a california closets representative to take measurements in our condo before we had even closed. For uncertain prospective buyers – I would note that Sarah was kind enough to put us on a customized MLS list and not bug us for almost an entire year while we sorted through listings (she did check up once, which we did appreciate!) If that isn’t “low-pressure” I’m not sure what is. Sarah (and Charlesgate) truly stand out among their peers. I rented around Boston for 5 years in 4 different apartments in 3 different neighborhoods – every realtor I dealt with was a grade A schmuck who just sat around and waited to get paid. I’d highly recommend looking Sarah Herbert up for your next lease or purchase. Thanks Sarah!” Stephen M.


“My fiancé and I just bought our first condo last week. We had an incredible experience working with Sarah Herbert from Charlesgate. She was very responsive (and patient!) with the countless emails we sent her and she demonstrated great attention to detail – never missing a request or question. She went above and beyond helping us sublet our apartment and coordinating a visit from our California Closets consultant prior to closing which helped us get our home ready early. Sarah is a strong advocate who you can trust and I would recommend her without reservation. We couldn’t be happier in our new home! I also attended the first time home buyers seminar hosted by Charlesgate and I would highly recommend it.” Mary-Elizabeth R.