Jonathon Curley

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Jonathon Curley
(p): 857.383.3117
(e): [email protected]

Growing up on the North shore of Boston in a small town called Lynnfield and currently a Boston resident, Jonathon has become very familiar with all of what Boston has to offer. He has been a resident of Boston for about 4 years living in most of Boston’s best neighborhoods. Jonathon currently has a bachelors in business and extensive experience in customer service, negotiations and sales. He enjoys kayaking, eating out, shopping, afternoon runs and of course real estate. He considers himself honest, hardworking and very accommodating. Please feel free to call anytime.


“Rewind a couple of months: my wife, my two small children and I needed to relocate from Atlanta to Boston, and after the initial excitement over living somewhere new, we were struck with terror at the prospect of finding a place to a live in a city that neither one of us knew very well.  We spent hours searching on Craigslist, looking at various housing listing websites and getting increasingly discouraged at the prospect of finding a suitable apartment from afar.  Running across the reviews for Charlesgate on Yelp, we did a quick search on the website just to get an idea for what they had available.  “Hmmm… some of those look promising,” we thought.  “We’ll give them a call soon.”

Well, about 20 minutes later, we got a call from Jonathon (we had entered our phone number to do the search), and I can’t tell you how thankful we are that he dialed that number.  In our initial phone conversation, he took time asking questions about our requirements and actually listening to what we said.  We had several specific needs, having small children: the building, by MA law, must be de-leaded; we wanted to be near a park; we sold our cars, so it needed to be within walking distance of the T; and it had to fit four people in a city-size apartment.  

Over the course of two trips to the Boston area, Jonathon took us around to a *wide* range of different properties, all of which fit the basic criteria we had laid out.  Having previously dealt with brokers in New York City, I was absolutely shocked to find that he had actually listened to what I said, and that he realized that if I was happy, that meant more likely business for him.  I never once felt pressured, ignored, or that I was being annoying.  Instead, he showed us different sizes, different areas, different styles and different prices.  The second day, he even let us strap a car seat in the backseat of his car and put up with an increasingly cranky two-year old as he carted us around the city.

Back to the present, we are currently sitting in the Boston apartment of our dreams- great location and great ambiance.  I honestly didn’t think we were going to find anything in the city that worked this well for our family.  I don’t think Charlesgate really does a lot of “budget” apartments, but if you have a little bit of money to play around with (not necessarily a fortune), and you are overwhelmed by the options, I couldn’t recommend the service more highly.  Jonathon even managed to find us a property that paid 75% of the broker’s fee for us, so we barely even paid for the privilege.” Chad W.


“I recently contacted Charlesgate Realty to help find a rental apartment.  I was lucky enough to be contacted within hours of my request by Jonathon Curley.  Jonathon was fantastic – he spent a few minutes listening to what i was looking for and then showed me places that perfectly matched what i was looking for – even on a budget.  Jonathon had a great sense of the market, was on time, trustworthy, and was very helpful throughout the rental process.  It was by far the best experience renting I have had in Boston – I highly recommend Jonathon!” Molly C.