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Adrian Mahan
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Adrian-Lee Mahan has been around in the Boston Real Estate industry for years … 5 of them to be precise. Before that he was playing golf on a professional level on the Pepsi Tour on the West Coast. He took that “work hard, get results” attitude with him into real estate.

The last couple of years the real estate industry has changed quite dramatically, faster than anyone realized it could.

In this environment Adrian’s extensive knowledge and problem solving abilities are especially valued. Always ahead of the game, Adrian joined Premier Properties in 2010 where he refined his skills to create customized leasing options specially tailored for each of his clients.

Adrian’s recent move to Charlesgate Realty Group was a decision carefully made. It enables him to be able to maximize his expertise with a full support staff to back him up … leaving nothing to fall through the cracks.

This commitment to success and client satisfaction means Adrian earns referrals and repeat business from his many satisfied clients.


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Adrian Mahan: “Work Hard, Get Results” Mentality


“I had Adrian Mahan as my realtor and I was always impressed how extremely quickly he responded to any emails and phone calls my roommate and I had…and we had plenty of them.  

He was very considerate in finding out what we were looking for specifically and he would only show us apartments that fit the bill.  I would definitely recommend Adrian to anyone and look forward to working with him again on my next move.” Christy F.