How To Get Multiple Offers and Top Dollar For Your Home

Let’s be honest, it’s a seller’s market. With limited inventory on the market, sellers have high expectations when it comes to listing their homes. And with good reason. You want to get top dollar for your home. And you should! 

Ever wonder what it takes to make that happen? I recently helped a client get multiple offers and set a record-breaking price after just one open house and that was thanks that he hired the right real estate agents.

 If you want to sell your home fast, don’t do it by yourself; you should hire a realtor for professional assistance. Let me show you how we got it done.

It Takes Some Elbow Grease and Commitment

My client purchased this condo for her son to live in while he attended college in the Boston area. When the time came for him to move out, she decided to put the unit on the market. After a quick conversation, together we decided the condo could use some updates and staging to really make a splash.  

With 17 years in real estate, I know what truly sets a home apart. I also have experience working with contractors and vendors, helping my clients find the perfect partner to help bring their home or condo to the next level.

The most important piece of the puzzle here is that my client was willing to put in the work, time and money necessary to make her condo appeal to a wider audience.

The Bare Necessities

For this particular unit, we decided the following needed to be done at a bare minimum:

  • Painting
  • Hardwood floor surfacing
  • New bedroom carpeting

In addition, we tackled some minor repairs and cleaned out the extra “stuff” that had accumulated in the condo to present a clean living space. We also brought in staging furniture for the balcony off the living space for an added touch.

I met with the vendors directly to schedule these necessary updates but in the past, I’ve also worked in partnership with a client who preferred a more hands-on experience. It’s important to me to be flexible and available in order to help my clients get the best price for their homes.

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The Finishing Touches

The importance of a clean unit cannot be understated. For a final touch, we deep cleaned the entire condo before a professional photographer came in to take photos for the listing. We wanted the condo to shine from all angles. Finding the right photographer, that’s able to truly capture the feeling of home, is the perfect finishing touch.

The Results

After all the work we put into updating the condo and after looking at comparable data for the building and area, we decided to list it at $700,000. Together with the seller, we felt this was the right price and were confident we’d be able to achieve it. 

After one open house, we had five offers on the table. After asking for best and final offers, we ended up setting a record price of $766,666 with a waived home inspection. The results were extraordinary.

The Bottom Line

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If you’re interested in listing your home for sale, it pays to take an honest look at it. Bring in an experienced real estate agent who can give you an unbiased opinion and guide you based on current market trends. Remember, simple changes and updates can make a world of difference. 


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