4 Ways to Create a Minimalist Home Design Aesthetic

Your home is composed of clean lines, neutral color palettes and natural elements. Everything has a place and purpose, and your rooms are free of clutter and distractions. While you live a minimalist lifestyle, there still are aspects of your home that you want to make a statement and practical elements that need to be included in every room. The following are a few inconspicuous elements that fit with your minimalist design aesthetic and make your home feel comfortable.


Light plays an important role in minimalist design because it adds to the natural and open feeling of a room. If you can, install large picture windows to let in as much natural light as possible. Forgo putting up curtains or blinds to let in natural light and connect your space with the outdoors. When natural lighting isn’t enough, look for ways to for your lights to keep a low profile, such as recessed lighting under your kitchen cabinets or in the ceiling. You also can take advantage of a white color palette on your walls and floors because it helps bounce light and create a brighter space.


Just because you’re living a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean your home has to be bare. Instead of filling up every free space with knickknacks and useless items, your decor should have a purpose and make a statement. Decorate your walks with large mirrors to help reflect light around the room and make it feel bigger. These can have sleek and stylish frames to add a little pop to the room. Use accent colors to offset the neutral colors of your floors, walls and furniture with colorful pillows on the couch or a vase of flowers on the end table. You can also rent furniture from 740 Designs furniture hire to decorate your home. Hang floating shelves to put out a few important pictures, and carefully lay out your books on a bookshelf without making it too crowded.


Even though you got rid of needless items, you still have household items you need to store. Hide storage bins and excess items in closets, under the bed and even under your floor boards if you can, so they won’t take away from your open spaces. You also can get creative with your furniture by having it pull double duty. Buy hollowed-out ottomans to store items in your living room or a sleek armoire to hold winter coats and shoes. In your kitchen, take the doors off your cabinets to create an open feel. You also can use open-faced cubbies and floating shelves to store items without making your room feel closed off.


There’s nothing quite like a bulky security camera and DVR to throw off your minimalist aesthetic. If you want to install a home security system, you need to find the right kind of cameras and equipment that won’t flow off the flow of your home. Look for options that don’t require a lot of cables and hookups and can be mounted from the ceiling or high up on your outside walls. Many cameras also enable you to place them in discreet areas while still capturing a clear picture. Plus, with remote monitoring capabilities, you can cut down on some of the equipment and save yourself some space.

Incorporating a minimalist home design aesthetic doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything you own and have a cold or boring home. Make the items you have count and say something about who you are. That’s what it’s really about.
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