Smart Home, Savvy Homeowner: Ways to Improve Your Smart Home Security

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As the Bostonian woman pulls up in the driveway, the smart garage door opener recognizes her Honda and automatically raises, welcoming her home. A tap of her fingers on the smart lock and as she steps in, room by room, the smart lights illuminate her path in warm amber ambiance. The smart thermostat has already perfectly warmed her rooms, her fireplace greets her with its crackle, and the waft of roast beef brings her tummy a smile.

At the end of a long day, this Bostonian career woman can relax, knowing her smart appliances have been busy while she was working. The laundry is washed, the dishes done, the floors vacuumed and her dinner is ready — all thanks to her automated smart home.

This is not a scene from a sci-fi movie. This is our world. And it could be you, or your potential homebuyer. There is luxurious comfort in coming home to a house that knows you.

However, all these smart products connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) carry inherent risks because of the very nature of the internet. The savvy homeowner needs cyber security measures in place to protect themselves.

Investing in a Smart Home

Having an energy efficient home, keeping your place simple and stress-free, and having smart technology are some of the ways to boost your home value, according to Consumer Reports. The right tech upgrades impress buyers.

Trends with younger homebuyers are geared toward simplicity. Keeping your home updated and easily maintained (such as using smart devices connected to home alarm systems) will appeal to millennials, who make up the most populous age demographic in Boston.

Digital Home Security

More than just for fun and ease, IoT development and smart products can enhance your home security by means of Home Alarm Monitoring.

Digital home security system options include:

These products make home invasions inexpedient and raise the safety level of your home environment significantly.

That is, if the products themselves are impenetrable.

Security Issues & Risks

There are unique concerns about IoT technology and how to secure it.

Your internet behaviors could be observed and your privacy invaded. A virtual Peeping Tom could observe network patterns and determine when a homeowner is using a smart sleep monitor, for instance.

It could be unnerving to think a hacker might unlock your doors or talk through your baby monitor.

Stay on Top of Advances

Additionally, a fascinating new advance was just released in a stable form by The Onion Router (Tor) project — experimental software that renders your tech invisible by running servers through the deep web.

Whether you want a smart home for personal comfort, to boost your home value or both, staying apprised of security advances helps keep you protected and ahead of the hacker game. Locksmith Sarasota has more if you’d like to continue learning about smart home security and how to overcome the pitfalls of this technology.

But always keep in mind that technology may not work, so do not ignore Loss Prevention Security services.


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