Why Boston is the Perfect Launchpad for Outdoor Enthusiasts

As an outdoor enthusiast looking to relocate to a new city, look no further than the Boston area, which boasts a number of outdoor activities to conquer and enjoy. In fact, Business Insider lists the city of Boston and neighboring Cambridge among its 25 best U.S. cities to enjoy the outdoors. Boston’s easy access to beaches, mountains, lakes and city parks means there’s always something new to try. Here are seven things that make Boston the perfect place for those who love bucolic settings.

Things to Do in the Area

1. Beautiful Beaches

Living on the coast means enjoying beach-related activities — and Boston is no exception. For surfing enthusiasts (yes, the Atlantic Ocean around New England offers some sweet waves), you only have to travel 10 miles outside of the city to a secret surf spot called the Break.

For beach volleyball players, Carson Beach off the red line hosts a number of volleyball courts where you can always find a game. Meantime, Plum Island in Newburyport is only an hour’s drive outside of Boston, which offers a beautiful, peaceful spot for sea kayaking or long beach walks.

2. Rock Climbing Year-Round

You don’t have to travel far from the city to reach some challenging and historic climbing areas. Quincy Quarries and Hammond Pond both offer great bouldering and multiple climbing routes only a few minutes from the city center. When the weather doesn’t permit outdoor activity, Boston residents and visitors alike can climb at one of the many excellent indoor climbing gyms, including the 40,000-square-foot Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville and Central Rock Gym in Cambridge.

3. A Hiker’s Paradise

New England offers some of the best hiking in the country, most of it within a few hours of Boston. In Hingham, 24 miles from the city, hike the World’s End Reservation Trail to experience some great harbor views. The Skyline Train in Stoneham is only 10 miles from Boston and rewards hikers with spectacular views of the city. For a 23-mile weekend backpacking trip you’ll never forget, we suggest heading north to the pristine Presidential Traverse starting in Gorham, New Hampshire.

4. World-Class Mountain Biking

Less than three hours from Boston in East Burke, Vermont, are the Kingdom Trails, which are considered one of the best places to mountain bike on the East Coast. The Kingdom Trails boast more than 150 miles of single and double track trails, meaning it’s a place you can visit over and over. To experience a ride with views of the city, you’ll love Blue Hills Reservation for its steep climbs, varying terrain and proximity.

Things to Do in the City

5. Run in the City

The Esplanade is Boston’s most popular running trail, and once you stretch your legs on the path along the Charles River, you’ll understand why. Catch some beautiful views of Beacon Hill, Back Bay and Fenway all within a two-mile stretch. For seven miles of beachfront running with city and Harbor Island views, start from Castle Island and head to Carson Beach.

6. Paddle the Charles River

Not only does the Charles River provide great scenery for runners, it’s also a perfect place for kayakers and rowers to play. Rent a canoe, paddleboard or kayak in Allston/Brighton and paddle downstream through a scenic parkland toward Boston to Kendall Square in Cambridge.

7. Enjoy Your Own Backyard

Living in Boston means enjoying easy access to the outdoors. However, like most people, you’ll probably still spend a lot of your outdoor time in your own backyard. Make it a place you’ll want to come home and relax in after a long day on the trails, water or rocks.
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