DIY Ways to Make Your Laundry Room Multifunctional

No matter the current state of your laundry room, it could use a little help, right? The thing is that they are usually either way too big or way too small. There’s either wasted space or no room to do anything. At all. Sound familiar?

Put your home improvement hat on and take steps to make your laundry room more multifunctional:

Don’t Let Space Go to Waste

Whether it’s a tiny room or quite literally a closet, make use of every inch in your laundry room. Start with wall space. Even if your washer and dryer are collectively touching three out of the room’s four walls, you have room either above or below.

Consider lifting your machines two to three feet off the ground and resting them on solid, easy-to-reach cabinets. Then, visit your local hardware store for a retractable indoor clothesline or a wall-mounted accordion drying rack, which you can hang to the side or above your machines. Another option is to make your own drying rack that perfectly fits your space. For example, you could hang a ladder horizontally from the ceiling so it’s hanging parallel to the ground. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer to hold all of your cleaning supplies. Designed for vertical storage, their multiple pockets are great for maximizing any tight space.

If you have a little bit more space to work with — as in your laundry room is bigger than a closet — design built-ins that encase your front-loading washer and dryer. Angie’s List features several ideas that show how built-ins can improve any room. For example, if you lift your machines a foot or two off the ground, you could have cabinets above your machines and stacked drawers below, with pull out trays for your laundry baskets.

Combine and Redefine

If you’re one of those people whose only issue with space is that you have too much, consider yourself lucky. You may be thinking, “What am I supposed to do with this loud, warm, awkwardly laid out room besides add some storage and wash and dry my clothes?”

Here’s what: make it a place for your pets. While the noise, temperature and layout may be cons for you, they’re actually pros for pets. Turn any unused space in your laundry room into a pet sanctuary for your furry friend. You can tuck feeding stations into ground-level drawers and you can place resting mats right next to your machines or in open built-ins on either side.

Because it’s already equipped with the right plumbing, the laundry room is also an excellent place to add a dog-washing station. Dimension wise, a space that’s 3 feet by 10 inches from side to side, 2 feet by 10 inches from front to back, and 1 foot above the floor is a great size for almost any small to medium-sized dog. When designing, make sure to choose a corner or build high walls so there is only one escape route.

If you don’t have any pets or they’re already committed to cuddling at night with you, don’t give up on utilizing the space for something else. A few drop-down tables and custom cabinets can quickly make it a craft room/laundry room combo. Make it fully equipped with a gift-wrapping station or a study spot for kids in school.
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