6 Ideas to Improve Your Boston Townhouse Value

If you plan on putting your city townhouse up for sale, it pays to make full use of your equity. Putting value back into your home can take time through renovations. By spending time revamping certain parts of your home, the value may increase and it will put you on the map when there are so many other Boston homes on the market.

Give Your Kitchen a Makeover

Whether you live in a townhouse in the middle of the downtown financial district, or you live out in the suburbs near Watertown, your kitchen is the first room a potential homebuyer inspects. Although modern appliances and granite countertops come with hefty price tags, you can easily make over your kitchen by painting your cabinets in a neutral color or replacing outdated knobs and hardware with newer, more modern-looking drawer and cabinet pulls. Painting your kitchen cabinets also hides any scratches and nicks. You don’t have to spend a lot here, just clean up the overall appearance. It is better to call A2Z Building Maintenance.


Most city townhouses are smaller homes that do not offer additional living space. Therefore, you must de-clutter all areas quickly so potential buyers can visualize themselves living in the home. If your townhouse if full of clutter, it will distract buyers to the point where they cannot see their own belongings in the space. Try to open a few windows and get more mirrors to open up the space.

Create Interest

In your townhouse listing, make sure you include nearby amenities that might be of interest to current buyers. This is a great way to draw interest and get people to an open house or just a viewing. Obviously, you’ll list the rooms, square feet, and the community, but be sure to tack on the extras. Is it near a park? One of the National Historic Boston landmarks on the walking tour? A bus stop? A popular shopping center? One of the old Boston theaters? It could be near a train station for an easy commute to the local business center. Attorneys for bus accidents say public transport is a popular form of commute for most Boston city dwellers, this can be a good option for young home-buyers today and could help your house pick up interest.

Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Your townhouse’s bathroom is almost as important as your kitchen. If your budget does not allow you to remodel here, you can start small by sprucing it up. First on the list is replacing your light fixtures. New fixtures will improve the bathroom’s functionality along with giving it a modern-day feel. One idea that will not cost a dime, is to give the bathroom a good scrubbing. If you have a dingy shower or grubby floor tiles, a little elbow grease will go a long way to increasing your townhouse’s overall value. 

Let There Be Light

Townhouses are sometimes small and those with little light take attention away from the available living space. Swap out all your low-watt light bulbs and replace them with bulbs with higher wattage. If the lighting in any of your living spaces is dim, make sure you repaint with a light, neutral color. It is no secret that lighter colors give smaller living spaces a larger feel and if you are cramped in downtown Boston this will help illuminate what your apartment has to offer.


If you have wallpaper anywhere in your townhouse, consider taking it down. Although wallpaper is still popular among some interior decorators, it is specific to a particular taste and paint may be more appealing to buyers.

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