[Infographic] How to Make Sure Your Dream House Lives Up to Its Promise

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Investing in a home is a moment of true idealism. The places that make your shortlist are likely to be very close to your mind’s eye of a dream home, while cosmetic and practical issues can be fantasized away with plans for “what I’d only do with this place…”

This feeling of optimism should not prevent you from being thorough with your checks and inspections, though. While some issues will be apparent on the surface, other problems may be carefully covered up by the seller – and in your enthusiasm to drive the sale forwards, you could end up with a place that costs more money and strife than it’s truly worth.

Subsidence can be a horrible issue to deal with, for example, and apparently unseen – but in fact the clues are right in front of you when you attend a viewing. Tilted door frames are a giveaway that the house may suffer from subsidence, so it’s a good idea to download a spirit level map to your phone and rest it on top of any door frames that look suspicious to you.

It’s also worth thinking about the bigger picture: the area that the house is in. Everybody sells for a reason, and while this seller may have good personal reasons for leaving this beautiful house behind, it could just be that they want to escape a nightmare area. If there are lots of other For Sale signs on the same street then it is certainly something to investigate. Google the street for crime reports, and return at different times of day in case you are able to spot a noise pollution problem or something else.

Homes.com’s new guide shows you just what you need to look out for when the home you’re considering seems too good to be true. Check it out before your next visit, and you’re sure to avoid any nasty surprises.

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