Charm and Curb Appeal: 5 Tips to Raise the Value of Your Home

As a homeowner, you may find yourself in a fixer-upper that you chose because of the awesome price tag. Your goal now is to spruce the place up to increase curb appeal along with the overall value of the home. While there are many things you can do on the interior to increase equity, focus first on the exterior because the view from the curb will help create an individual’s first impression of your home.

Decreasing Overgrowth

A simple and usually inexpensive way to improve the outdoor aesthetics of a home is to improve the landscaping around it. Cut back trees and shrubs, trim away overgrowth and plant a mix of perennials and annuals to give your home color. For huge trees that are overgrown or that are filled with dead branches, consider hiring professional tree removal experts, like Pete & Ron’s Tree Service, Inc. or a similar, trustworthy local company in your area, to help you trim or remove the tress from your yard.

Updating Paint Colors

Sometimes, a simple painting will really spruce up an older home, especially one that has peeling paint. Head to a paint store where experts will be able to help you match appropriate shades for siding, trim and doors. With most exterior paint costing $30 or less per gallon, this can be a cheap yet effective update.

Replacing Exterior Lighting

A modern porch light or exterior lights that highlight architectural details of your home can make your home safer as well as more visually appealing. Consider a light on either side of your front door for symmetry or a hanging fan with lights for a large front porch. If you are looking for a vintage light to match the style of an older home, you can check with antique stores and salvage shops.

Adding Shutters

Shutters can be an easy weekend addition that can really change the look of your home. If you are hoping to save money, add shutters only to windows in the front. Pick a color and design that match the home architecturally as well as aesthetically.

Adding a Porch

If you have a bit more money to invest in the exterior of your home, consider adding a large front porch. Set the porch off with large, architecturally-pleasing posts and a painted banister. A porch can add many square feet of usable space to a home for at least three seasons of the year and can provide a great place for meeting neighbors.

Depending on your budget, you have a variety of options when it comes to choosing what you want to change or upgrade on your home. From getting new house numbers and putting a fresh coat of paint on the door to hiring a contractor to build you a front porch, the ideas are seemingly endless. Choose colors and designs that match your personality, and you will be sure to love your house for years to come.
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Charm and Curb Appeal: 5 Tips to Raise the Value of Your Home

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  1. It is a very insightful article about raising the standard of our home.I am specially influenced by the concept of updating paint colours and replacing exterior lighting and want to implement in my house.

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