3 Easy Plumbing Fixes to Consider for Spring

It is important to know that plumbing responds to the changing seasons like nearly every other system in the house. And hiring the best Plumbers Burlington On, is important so that you know the work is getting done right. As spring is in coming, it’s time to do those little troubleshooting jobs that prepare the plumbing for the warm weather. Here are three important ones to consider:


First, go outside and check the outside spigot for leaks. Ideally, the hose should have been taken off and brought inside for the winter, but if it’s been left on the spigot all winter long, the pipe might have cracked. If it has, it needs to be replaced.

Check for leaks in all the fixtures in the house. This includes the kitchen and bath faucets and the toilet bowls. One trick to see if the toilet is leaking is to put food dye in the tank. If there’s a leak, the dye will color the water in the bowl within an hour. Make sure there are no leaks around the bottom of the toilet, that there are no cracks anywhere and that the toilet does not rock. If the toilet doesn’t flush properly, the mechanism can be replaced. Newer flushing mechanisms are energy efficient, easy to install and save money in the long run. If the toilet is in truly bad shape, the homeowner shouldn’t hesitate to call a local specialist to do the plumbing repair or replacement.

Low Water Pressure

Lime scale in a showerhead or spigot can reduce the water pressure to a frustrating trickle. If a homeowner suspects that there’s lime scale in a spigot, they should half-fill a plastic bag with vinegar, attach it to the spigot, secure it with rubber bands, and leave it there overnight. Make sure that the holes in the shower head or faucet come into contact with the vinegar, which should remove the lime scale. An easier trick is to remove the shower head if possible, and simply soak it in a bowl of vinegar.

Clogged Drains

There are several ways to clear the drains in the sink and tub. In some cases, all that needs to be done is to clean debris from the pop-up plug, then replace it. Other homeowners need to use a plunger. Before it’s used, cover the overflow holes with duct tape to make sure the suction is strong. After using the plunger, clear out the overflow holes as well. Make sure that drains are fitted with strainers to catch hair, bits of food and other junk. If you still have a clogger drain plumbing services apopka florida can help you clean the drain. 

Spring cleaning for the plumbing is easy, and making sure the pipes and faucets are working the way they should saves work, stress, and money in the long and short run. Whether you do it yourself or call in an expert like those at Rakeman Plumbing, you’ll be glad you took care of it early.

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