The Best Tools and Techniques for Effective Home Security

Boston is a beautiful city that offers many neighborhoods for current or prospective homeowners. Security measures to keep your home safe can be valuable improvements for homes in any of these neighborhoods.. Keep your home secure for your family with the installation of security cameras, security systems, landscape lighting and safes. Here are some of the most popular tools and techniques to ensure the security of your home:

Security Cameras

Install security cameras around the exterior perimeter of your property and within the interior of your home. Strategically place your cameras near entry and exit points, like doors, windows, garage doors and property gates. Make sure the cameras are in a visible spot, so potential intruders or thieves will immediately see them and find your home a risky target for intrusion. You should also install cameras in the parts of your home that hold the most valuables. These cameras don’t need to be visible, as they are simply installed for your personal monitoring and evidential footage. Choose cameras that are accessible through Wi-Fi, so you can keep an eye on your house at all times. Many cameras have corresponding apps that allow you access to the video footage through your phone, tablet or laptop.

Security Systems

Choose a security system that will effectively deter theft and provide a prompt response in the case of intrusion. One of the highest rated systems, recognized for effectiveness in deterrence and professional installation, is ADT. The company offers advanced, automated technology, medical alert protection and six in-house monitoring centers. Vivint is another innovative security system that connects with a mobile app, so you can be immediately notified when your home isn’t entirely secure. Vivint SkyControl Panel provides notification if your doors or unlocked and will allow you to remotely re-lock your home through their smart locks. The system also offers visitor detection, camera with night vision and a two-way talk intercom. Other top-rated home security systems include Protection 1, Frontpoint and Link Interactive. Check Wired Smart regarding various security systems for your house and make sure that it is safe at all times. Furthermore, call a Philadelphia commercial locksmith to provide the high-security locks.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is a helpful intruder deterrent, as it increases the visibility within your property. It reduces the number of places a potential thief can hide, which means it will be nearly impossible for someone to discretely scope out your house as a potential target. Spend time assessing the areas within your property that receive the least amount of light. For those low-visibility areas, install landscape lighting that can be installed into the ground or attached onto your fence. Make sure the lights have enough luminosity for ample light coverage. You should also install lighting near the entry points of your home, which will ensure your safety when entering your home at night and also deter intruders. Use motion-sensor lights, which will save energy and also have a startling effect that makes your home a high-risk target for intruders.


Keep your most valuable items secure within your home with a home safe. Items you should keep in your safe include jewelry, irreplaceable documents and any firearms that you own. An ideal gun safe should include thick formed doors, high temperature protection, super-securing locking systems and effective locking bolts. Choose a brand tested by professional safe crackers, such as Browning, that will go above and beyond the basic safe features and also provide elevated floor panel protection, DPX storage systems that keep your valuables organized, ForceDeflector Locking Systems and 12-gauge steel body. Browning safes are available at Steelo’s Guns & Outdoors.

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The Best Tools and Techniques for Effective Home Security

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