[Infographic] How Does Boston’s Housing Stack Up Among the Financial Centers of the World

In a study that was recently published by RENTCafe, the rents in the top financial centers of the world were analyzed. Cities such as New York, Paris, Geneva, and 27 others were examined to see how cost of living for renters compared. Living in these cities can mean access to great jobs and lifestyle options like the ones Bostonians enjoy.

So, what is the price renters pay to gain access to the job variety, cultural attractions and almost unlimited lifestyle options these cities offer? Here were some of the main findings:

  • Boston has the third highest rents in the world. This means that living and working in this world business hub comes at a rather steep price: $2,930/month for a one-bedroom apartment.
  • At least Boston is the first city with rent rates under $3,000. New York and San Francisco are even less renter-friendly, with monthly rates of $3,680 and $3,360.
  • If you want to live in a major business center AND pay under $1,000/month, you have only 2 options: either move to Montreal CA (the average rent here is $850/mo.) or to a different continent altogether – in Taipei, TW the average rent is $910 and Casablanca, MA has the lowest rents of all the top 30 financial centers ($820).


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