3 Ways To Boost Your Home’s Value

Purchasing a home is probably the largest investment of time and money that you will ever make. A home is far more than shelter. It provides many financial advantages such as tax savings, and can constitute a significant part of an estate. Home improvements and maintenance not only increase the comfort and livability of a home, but will add to the worth of your home in both the short and long term. When planning home improvements to boost the value of your home, here are three areas to consider.


First and foremost, a home should provide safety and protection for family members and regular maintenance is critical for security. For example, means of entrance, such as windows and doors, should be maintained consistently. For true security, however, a professionally installed and serviced home protection system will ensure that your home, family members, and valuables are safe from intrusion, fire, or carbon monoxide. Inexpensive ways to increase home security also include full systems connected over smartphone and internet options.


Your home is the place where you perform many of the basic functions of daily living. Food storage and preparation, personal hygiene, clothing care, and money management are all things you do every day and need room for in your home. Further, many people now work from home or have hobbies such as sewing, woodworking, or gardening that are based in the home. All of these pursuits require specialized spaces with appropriate furnishings and appliances. A restaurant-quality kitchen is nice but not necessary, for example, but a well-lit and ventilated space with sufficient counters and storage as well as efficient appliances is essential. Well-planned and executed kitchens, baths, work areas and outdoor spaces are the most value-boosting changes you can make to your home.


The third most important function of your home is providing comfort, which includes protection from heat, cold, wind and precipitation. A clean, efficient, and precisely-controlled heating and cooling system, along with insulation appropriate for the area, is an improvement guaranteed to increase your home’s value. Of course, heating and cooling systems will vary depending on the local climate and residents’ personal preferences and can be augmented with interior furnishings such as window treatments, floor coverings, and fireplaces. In short, a cozy home is a valuable home.

Many things that you cannot control contribute to the value of your home. Location, population trends, and the financial vagaries of your state, city, or town are some of these. As a homeowner, however, much is well within your control. Put your money and effort where they will do the most good, both now and in the future.

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