Selling Your Home: Then and Now

Real estate marketing has changed (for the better we would say!) over time, with methods that used to be the “way things are done,” no longer dominating in the marketplace. As buyers become increasingly savvy and information becomes more readily available, the job of the real estate agent in marketing property has changed. At Charlesgate Realty, we utilize the latest technology (like 3D walkthroughs) and market data to put our listings in front of TONS of potential buyers. Take a look at “then” and “now.”


It was not that long ago that real estate agents drove around with books of listings in their trunks (before an online MLS was the “norm!” My how things have changed! Marketing real estate listings involved a lot of print advertising and materials in order to get a listing sold. A typical “listing package” would include:

Listing sheets

These glossy brochures showcase the property so interested buyers can remember the features of the homes they look at while touring. We utilize only professional photography and floor plans to make sure that these are the best representation of your property.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 3.58.50 PM  Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 3.58.36 PM

Just listed postcards

These postcards were sent to the neighbors to talk about the listing (and see if they have any friends that could be their new neighbors!) We still do them as part of our listing campaigns with professional photography and links to our listing websites (more on that later!)

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 3.56.38 PM

An ad in the local paper

Remember classified ads? These used to be the norm for getting real estate listings sold. Whether in the Boston Globe or local publications, they can still be a way for buyers to find out about listings in some markets.

An open house (or 2, or 3, or 4…)

Open Houses were one of your best chances to view a property, met with a sign-in sheet and cinnamon in the oven! Oftentimes, they are still a great way to see a property and meet with the listing agent.


In today’s world of internet-savvy buyers and an ever evolving real estate marketplace, it becomes even more important to get your listing out there in a variety of ways. Although some of the tried and true tools such as listing sheets and print media are still important, there are many more “behind the scene” ways of getting your listing in front of potential buyers. Our marketing experts spend time analyzing the ever evolving online marketplace to get your listings noticed and sold!

Property Websites

These are exciting ways to showcase your home with professional photography, virtual walkthroughs, and information on the neighborhood. Take a look at one for a property we currently have listed.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.30.38 AM

Google Ad-Words

Ad word campaigns help get your listing noticed by people searching in a particular area. We spend a great amount of time analyzing keyword trends to make sure that we present our listings to those consumers who it may be a perfect match!


We promote our listings on all the big real estate websites including Trulia, Zillow, and We also push them out to all reciprocal real estate companies through the MLS. Beyond this, we make sure that our listings go to almost 100 other sites for maximum exposure – big and small. Some of these include:

  • Hotpads
  • Yahoo Homes
  • MSN Real Estate
  • HGTV Frontdoor
  • LiveLovely
  • and many more!

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all your friends when you are looking to sell a home. We develop exciting graphics that showcase qualities of the home that our agents push out to their spheres. This is a great way to build interest in a home or promote open houses.


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