Newest Market Stats – Just Released!

We have had an exciting last few months at Charlesgate, and busy! We were recently awarded the Top 20 in transactions for the month of July and these market stats help to show why! Take a look at these neighborhood level numbers that help paint a picture of what is really happening around Boston. For condo sales, the market saw the busiest August in the past 6 years – with 1,267 units closed in the month.

Wow! This is actually the 4th busiest in all of recorded history for the month!

159345227 (Mobile)The median selling price rose as well to $416,950 – up almost 10% over the past year. This means more is selling and for more money! (Sounds like a great time to check out our seller tips!)

Average time on market went up a couple days from July (38 – 40 days) but it is still a great place to be! This is extremely low from historic standards and where we were a few years ago.

Want to learn more? Check out our market stats report, updated neighborhood by neighborhood to give you the info you need! Just click here!

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