Step 2: From Listing to Sold

In my last article, I detailed the steps to obtaining a listing.

This article is about preparing a home for sale.

As I mentioned, this is an estate sale. The decision was made to sell the house “as is” but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to be done to make the house show ready!

Untitled-3On Monday, I went through the house and put stickies on all the furniture that needed to go – keeping a few items in each room. Using items that belong to me, I also started some minor staging. Remember staging is not just bringing items in, but also taking items out!

Once the furniture is removed, the house will be professionally cleaned and items will be moved around to showcase the homes features.
It is important to show “features” of a home – not benefits. For instance, a security system is a great FEATURE, but the BENEFIT is the security it provides to you and your loved ones.

This is a quality house in a fantastic neighborhood but in need of some updating. Showing the house in its best light will help potential buyers see the possibilities.

Goal: Spend a little extra time getting home show ready in anticipation of a quick sale at the highest price.

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