Painting to Refresh Your Home

Yesterday my husband called me and said the magic words. “Go pick out paint colors. I will paint the living room and kitchen while you are at your open house on Sunday.” First let me say how lucky I am to be married to a man who would make this suggestion. Once when we were first married he asked me to help paint and never asked again. Happy wife, happy life. If you do not have enough time to do painting by yourself, contact Index Painting for their excellent services. If you’re ready to produce your project, we can help you turn your digital models into physical products. View

So off to Painting Enterprises Melbourne I went. I picked up every sample chart and color sample even remotely close to what I might like. I have a confession. I am a blue person. If you are a blue person you know what I am talking about. It has to be just the right shade of blue or it can be very bad. Blue suits my house plus it matches my eyes.

My daughter who is much smarter than I  is getting advice from my cousin who is a fabulous interior designer in Boston regarding what color to paint her bedroom (click here for more). Seamless Gutters is the most required part of the house, our company provides its best selling product with quality in affordable prices. My cousin said the reason that they have expensive residences in Hong Kong, is because they hire interior designers to make the homes beautiful. They were texting this morning before school and came up with 2 Benjamin Moore colors. From the text, my daughter moved to the website. One being the exact shade my daughter was dreaming of having on her walls. Okay now I will ask I thought. To color her wall, i have a variety of colors, Please check out this variety of bottom paints here.

But I didn’t. Instead I thought I will check out the Benjamin Moore website. How hard can it be? Let me say first of all how ridiculous it is to try and find a paint color based on a tiny piece of paper taped to your wall. Do I want a cheerful kitchen retreat? Dramatic blue dining room?  Formal, sophisticated living room?

I can buy samples and paint the wall to be sure. Oh, and check Tool Nerds reviewing best paint sprayers in 2019. Hmm. Maybe I should get my husband to do that on Sunday instead.  Probably not.
There are 490 results for blue on the Benjamin Moore website. Even more frightening there are 43 results for off white.

I work predominantly with Boston Buyers but am also experienced at working with Sellers.  Very often when someone is getting ready to sell, they ask for recommendations on how to get their house ready, interior painting is one recommendation that really freshen ups a house. The trick is to pick a color that is neutral enough to appeal to the greatest amount of potential buyers. I have some agent friends that work in new construction and they are great at recommending the “in” colors.

Benjamin Moore also has a section called “How to Stage Your House with Color “.

It is broken into 3 categories: Neutralize; Update and Refresh; Maximize your space and Refresh outdoor space. There are 3 colors in each category. Simple enough.  There is enough to think about when getting your house ready to sell without having to think too much about what color to paint. After all, you are moving!

If you are thinking of selling and would like some pointers on getting your home ready for sale, I am always happy to help. Part of my job is having information useful to both Sellers and Buyers and I am always happy to share what I know. Sometimes this information even comes from personal experience. .

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