How To Protect Your Boston Apartment While Your Away on Vacation

Along with figuring out who will get your mail and feed your cat, there is always a concern about burglary. Boston is a great city, but it is a city and there’s always the risk of burglary in your Boston apartment.

Yes, you can use the timer on the lights trick but savvy thieves will see right through that one. Recently I just came across a great little app that may add a layer of security; fooling would-be house robbers into thinking you’ve been home the whole time with a little sound trickery…

Home Protector (available for $4.99 in the Mac Store) can play sounds all day. But the great thing about this one is it contains normal household sounds. The OS X application comes with a wide category of pre-recorded sounds. You can include bathroom sounds, cleaning and kitchen sounds or even a female snoring. Even better, you can record your own sound clips to customize and really sound like your home. Crooks can hear sounds like someone washing dishes, vacuuming, or even playing a loud game of Pictionary.

After coming back from vacation,the most difficult task seems to be cleaning of dirty and messy house.With the help of vacuum cleaner this work can be done easily. A vacuum cleaner can clean many sofas, couches, beds, and floors at a single go without straining your body.The technology of this era has designed vacuum cleaners that are completely noiseless, convenient, and most importantly, clean your place like a robot! But, picking the right one is very important as it comes with a lot of expenses. You can get help from

boston apartments home protector


Get yourself a good pair of speakers (those built in speakers won’t cut it) and make sure your MacBook or MacBook Pro is plugged in. Come home to your place just the way you left it.  

Hopefully you have never had break-in problems in your current home, but if you have….perhaps it’s time to find a new apartment in Boston? If so, contact Adrian Mahan and he’ll be happy to help you!

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