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Buyer's Agent, Rental Agent

Scarlett Tamburro epitomizes integrity, energy, and commitment to customer service. She is passionate about her clients needs and goals and has unique knowledge in specials areas in Boston to help ease your real estate transaction. She grew up just outside of Boston in Weston in an active ‘Real Estate Family’. She graduated from Suffolk University with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism in 2012. She has been a Boston resident since 2008.

She started her sales career at the age of 17 selling Cutco knives for Vector Marketing and was very successful. From there she worked for multiple marketing agencies selling their particular brand throughout Boston. In 2013 she received her Real Estate License and has been extremely successful selling and renting around Boston and the Surrounding Areas.

Scarlett currently resides in Back Bay and is active in multiple Networking communities including being a board member of Young Professionals Networking group within Greater Boston Real Estate Board.

Favorite Neighborhood:

South Boston

What Inspires You About Boston Real Estate?

My grandfather, John Tamburro owned Century 21 in Waltham MA. My father started his Law Office as an estate planning and real estate attorney when I was born. My mother has sold real estate in Weston, Wayland and Newton areas for over 30 years. I live in a Real Estate Family and I was inspired to be a part of it and be better with high expectations.

Proudest Moment:

Moving up and joining Charlesgate Realty to strengthen my career and move closer to my goal!

First Job:

Selling Cutco Knives for Vector Marketing.

Perfect Day:

Wake up, work out, show listings, get an offer accepted. Have a wonderful dinner with wine and steak to celebrate.

What Would You Want Your Superhero Power To Be?

My superhero power would be to grant everyone 1 wish and have it come true.