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Buyer's Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation, Consulting

Originally from Los Angeles, Karla moved to Boston to attend Boston College where she studied Communications and Film. Upon graduating, she decided to continue her studies at the University of California Los Angeles to receive a certificate in real estate. She has always loved helping others and found that real estate allowed her to help others while applying her field of study.

After spending the summer in Los Angeles, she decided to move back to pursue a career in real estate in the city she loved most. Having gone to school in the Boston area allowed Karla to fully understand how transient of a city Boston really is. Karla understands the level of attention and dedication a client deserves when moving to the city. Raised in an English and Spanish speaking household has allowed Karla to efficiently communicate with all sorts of different clients in both languages.

During her free time Karla enjoys attending BC football games, playing soccer, photography/filmmaking and being a part of the Boston College Real Estate Council. Karla currently resides in the Bay Village area between Back Bay and South End. She enjoys this side of town due to the sense of community and great food options!

Favorite Neighborhood:

Back Bay

What Inspires You About Boston Real Estate?

The combination of being able to help people but also creating your own brand and business predominantly intrigued me about the real estate industry

Proudest Moment:

Realizing how your service can make a huge difference in someone's life as well as seeing how client relationships have developed into great friendships!

First Job:

As a kid I was (still am) obsessed with wildlife conservation. Therefore in high school I applied to become a tour guide at the Los Angeles Zoo. Very knowledgable on random animal facts!

Perfect Day:

Warm weather, great food, and good company!

What Would You Want Your Superhero Power To Be?

"Teleportation: 1. My job would be a lot easier without a car 2. I'd be able to escape the cold weather whenever I wanted some warmth! "