7 Easy Fixes to Make Before Your Open House

When it comes to buying a property, potential homeowners are faced with the task of deciding where and when is the right time to buy – and with fierce competition across the property market, ensuring your home has plenty to offer will be crucial in turning potential interest into a sale.

From generating initial interest to achieving your asking price, as a homeowner, you’ll want to put yourself in the best position possible – and planning an open house is a great way to showcase all that your property has to offer. In a city like Boston, space is rare – and if your property is lacking in bedrooms or has a limited garden area, you could risk losing a sale.

Whether you’re borrowing money to make home improvements in the loft or planning a garden revamp, upgrading and improving your home could result in improved property value – meaning your chances of making a sale will be all the more likely.

Open up space

Spatial freedom can be quite hard to come by in a city – so if your house or condo could benefit from the extra space, it’s well worth considering knocking through some walls to achieve a more open-plan design. This handy renovation can be perfect for maximizing capacity while giving a new and modern feel to your property – which is guaranteed to add to its appeal.

Add a splash of color

Redecorating can be one of the most cost-efficient ways to change the entire image of your home – so if you’re working with a tight budget, re-painting your home can change each room’s aesthetic, without having to spend big. While pale blues might be perfect for the bathroom, vivid reds and burnt oranges can help to create a cosy living area. With each room creating a certain feeling or centered around a particular design trend, you can show off the best of your building come open house day.

Tend to the garden

If your garden could benefit from some TLC, then make this a priority – as this can drastically improve the value and overall image of your home. Whether it’s trimming an overgrown hedge, cutting the grass or ploughing weeds, immediate tending of your garden can turn potentials buyers’ heads – particularly when they view the property for the first time. If your apartment is lacking a garden area, invest in hanging baskets for outside of the building or pot plants onto the balcony to make sure the building is in touch with nature.

Upgrade the hardware

Installing a new water or heating system can be an enticing inclusion that will impress your potential buyer and be a real selling point when it comes to saving money on bills. With technology rapidly improving the functions of the modern day home, now has never been a time to get up-to-date. A state-of-the-art heating system might just be the thing that sways buyers – especially families who are likely to have higher rates of energy consumption – so it’s well worth exploring your options.

Fix any underlying problems

If there’s a worrisome leak, a faulty plug or a blocked gutter, then be sure to fix it before your open house date. You can guarantee that these are the sorts of things interested buyers will be looking out for – so if you’re not very handy with a toolkit, hire someone who is. What appears to be a small fault can give the impression of neglect when it comes to maintaining a property, so give your home the best chance of selling by fixing these faults in advance.

Loft conversion

Converting the loft will result in a brand new room for your home, attracting large families in desperate need of the extra space and undoubtedly adding to the appeal of your property. Loft conversions can be costly depending on the magnitude of the project, but if lack of space is losing you interest, it’s well worth the investment.

Know your market

When it comes to making a sale, understanding your target market will help ensure the property is suited to those you’re hoping to attract – and any home improvements can be handled accordingly. Use your first open house to gain insight into what buyers are looking for and expecting from your property. If you don’t make a sale first time round, you can use this information to influence and renovation projects before attempting another open house.

Whether you’re working on a small or large budget, there are countless ways to improve the appearance of your home in order to help you sell your property. Following these simple guidelines can be the difference between securing interest or not hitting the asking price – so make sure you consider how improvements can help you sell when it’s time to move on.

Author bio: Amanda Gillam is a Content Writer for Solution Loans – a technology-led finance broker offering loans to aspirational homeowners ready to reinvent their properties.

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