6 Real Estate Apps You’ll Want in 2017

Cutting-edge technology has also become an integral part of the housing market, a beloved secret sauce. Well, it is also an open secret, which means that buyers, sellers, and agents are blessed with the ability to be more efficient, which is the key to coming up roses in the real estate market. Thus, one must not fail to utilize digital tools to streamline tedious processes, obtain real-time information, strike a fine bargain, or awaken inspiration for upcoming projects. These are some apps that stand out and work like a charm.


It is by no means fortuity that Zillow tops this list. This platform is a leading real estate marketplace, an absolute must-have app for professionals in the real estate sector. It does not get better than this when it comes to seamlessly browsing targets for sale, rent, and purchase. Moreover, a stunning video feature is a special treat as it permits users to embark on a video walkthrough or create it themselves via this app. Available for Android and iOS, Zillow is the mainspring of many transactions in the market.


Secondly, we have Redfin, a go-to place for comparables. It covers dozens of U.S. markets and is one of the most used real estate apps of today, growing with each passing day. In a nutshell, buyers are given a chance to optimize the search and dive into an immense database of over 70 million addresses. One can assess prices based on market activity and factors such as a number of bedrooms, lot size, condition, age, etc. The fact that listings are updated every 15 minutes also helps a lot. 


This amazing mobile home remodel app allows you to find and interact with top-rated contactors in your area. Users can come up with a list of any addition and remodeling projects they need done and let professionals bid to carry them out. They are free to book the contractor who seems like the best option, and you get the ball rolling fairly quickly. There is also a possibility to leave your information so that contractors can reach you out and provide accurate estimates.


Nowadays, there is no shortage of efficient tools of the trade for real estate agents. Periscope certainly stands out from the rest of the bustling landscape. Namely, it is a live streaming app tailored to those who handle interstate and overseas buyers. Basically, it enables you to hold remote, virtual tours and let clients ask questions as they immerse in a digital environment. The broadcasts can be saved and published for later use, meaning that Pericope is great for generating buzz in social media and giving a sneak peek of new listings.


Houzz is a true life-saver when you hit a wall with remodeling, or run out of ideas. Prospective buyers, homeowners, and sellers have more than nine million photos at their disposal and they encompass everything about decoration and interior design. This is a surefire way to get your creative juices flowing and bring even the vaguest of ideas to life. The good news for agents is that they can take advantage of the new category to get listed with a profile for free!

Mortgage Calculator (by Quicken Loans)

Crunching numbers on the go has never been easier, than it is with the Mortgage calculator. A user-friendly interface empowers users to estimate loan amounts, figure out interest rates, and calculate term and monthly payments. This kind of functionality is perhaps only to be expected from the nation’s number one lender. I would also check out the Rocket Mortgage mobile app from the same company: It reduces the ordeal of the mortgage process to only eight minutes and gives an opportunity to submit documents on-the-fly.

Tool up

Digital marvels have changed the face of the real estate market, and with the level of competition going through the roof, you really cannot afford not to use them. This is not a question of being tech-savvy and “in”. With just a tap of your finger, you can stay on top of the numbers game, draw inspiration, find the ideal target, or contact the right professionals.  The aforementioned apps are worth the screen space and your while, albeit they are only a fragment of what is possible. So, if you ask me, it is high time to tool up, maximize the efficiency, and work faster, smarter, and better in 2017.

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