A Home Inspection: Is It REALLY Important?

A new home inspection is a must-have service for any home buyer or owner. Potential problems and hidden damage can only get worse without attention. An inspection will uncover these issues, so you have the information needed to make important decisions about your property’s future.

What’s Involved In a Home Inspection

Most homeowners are able to set up a home inspection within a few days of making the phone call. If it is a busy time of year, such as during warmer months, the appointment may be up to a week later. The actual inspection should take about three to four hours. During this time, the inspector examines your house from top to bottom, including parts of the property you wouldn’t normally see. They often bring various tools and tests to help glean more information from the property. By using Certified Material Testing Supplies they can test the smallest details of your home, like concrete fissures, soil quality, and asphalt content. Some of the common areas inspected are the attic, roof, exterior, foundation, HVAC system, and the interior rooms.

What You Can Gain From a Home Inspection

The inspector generally checks that the home meets local building codes and regulations. This also includes checking for issues that could lower property values, and lead to further damage if not repaired. After the inspection is completed, you’ll receive a thorough home inspection report. Some inspectors like to take little extra time to write up the report and may email it or drop it off a day or two later. The report explains what condition each area of the home is in and what damage, if any there is to the property. This can include issues, such as mold, foundations cracks and shifting, water damage, outdated wiring, poor drainage, roof leaks or damage, insect infestation, old pipes, and hazardous materials like asbestos.

How This Information Benefits You

A home inspection is always good to get before buying or selling the home. This information highlights any areas of damage homeowners can repair to keep the home value high. Sellers can also use it to negotiate a lower purchase price with sellers. Even if you have no intention of selling your home, the inspection can reveal hidden problems you may not be aware of yet. Mold or water damage behind the walls causes a lot of damage over time, but is easier to fix when caught early. This service also gives an idea of when things will need replacing in the future, which is extremely helpful for large repairs like roof, door, and window replacements.

Home inspections are often expensive due to the time they take and the pricey testing equipment, but they are well worth it. They are an absolute must for anyone hoping to buy or sell a home, and generally beneficial to anyone who wants to know more about their home in detail.

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