5 Home Renovations That Can Help You Sell Quickly

If you are planning on selling a home in Boston, it can be difficult to decide whether or not to renovate. Some home renovations can greatly improve the value and get you a better price in the long run and others may not matter much for the area. If you are unsure what might be worth the investment and pay you back, here are five renovations you should consider before putting up your For Sale sign.


If your kitchen is worn or outdated, it could be a big problem for potential buyers. A kitchen remodel can make your home seem much more appealing and give you back what you put in. Consider contacting a kitchen remodeling company like Callier Thompson Kitchen & Bath to replace your cabinets and countertops in just a few days. It will make your kitchen look newer and give that visual appeal you lack. Try to stay within a classic theme, something that is a mainstay in most Boston neighborhoods. You could also upgrade your kitchen with some energy-efficient appliances, which will be a big selling point for many buyers today.


Poor lighting can make your home look dreary and dull. By replacing and brightening up the lighting fixtures, your home will seem much more open and inviting. You can install some new and modern ideas like lamps and scones to easily improve the quality and value of your home.


Painting the interior walls of your home is an easy, do-it-yourself way to improve your home. Potential buyers usually pay close attention to the paint. If it is worn out or chipped, or just seems old, it can easily detract from the house’s appearance. Also, if any rooms have brightly colored paint, consider repainting them with a light or neutral color so buyers aren’t overwhelmed by the bright colors. If your old city home has ugly wallpaper, strip it down and restart with a fresh coat of neutral paint.


Landscaping is the first element of your home anyone will notice, and making a good first impression is important when selling your home. Investing some time and effort into the landscaping around your home will be well worth it. Even some simple changes like planting a new flower garden, or replacing your mailbox can improve your property’s atmosphere. Most city homes in the heart of Boston won’t have much yard, but what you do have can be utilized to its fullest to make a good impact.


Although a bathroom remodel can sometimes be costly and time consuming, a new bathroom can make a big difference in the value of your home. You could upgrade the tile and the countertop, replace the lighting, or have the grout professionally cleaned. Installing a shower door or replacing your current one can also brighten up your bathroom.

Even a few simple changes will improve your home’s appearance and impress buyers. These upgrades can make your home feel brighter, cleaner, and more modern. Overall, making some renovations to your Boston home before selling can be well worth the investment.

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5 Home Renovations That Can Help You Sell Quickly

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  1. If your floors are in really bad shape i.e. stained or worn carpet, old linoleum, etc. Or, if you have mismatched flooring throughout the whole house, then I would suggest making some improvements in that area. Buyers notice things like this, and appreciate well done flooring. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

    Laurie April 6, 2016 at 10:08 am #
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