Enhance Your Home Decor By Bringing the Outdoors In

Nature lovers and outdoorsmen adore spending time outside, but if you’re one, you know that when you retreat to your home, you can lose that natural feeling that the outdoors brings you. There are plenty of ways to incorporate the nature you love into your home, no matter what parts of nature you truly cherish.

Get a green thumb

Indoor plants make your house feel more like a home, especially if you adore nature. Even if you haven’t had a lot of success tending to plants in the past, there are a few choices that make the task easier while beautifying your living space. Some good options are cast iron plants, Chinese evergreens and bird’s nest ferns, all of which are tolerant to the touch of a beginner caregiver. Abundant plants placed around your home in different areas really maximizes the beneficial effects of indoor greenery.

Channel your favorite hunting lodge

Adding lodge decor to your home is one of the easiest ways to make it feel like you’re still out there in the wild. Natural elements like real wood add a lodge-like feeling to your surroundings, so go big with rustic indoor decor that takes advantage of this. Choose dark, rich colors for textiles and add some texture and warmth to your floor with area rugs. Decor that is inspired by other aspects of the natural world, such as antlers and evergreen trees, also makes excellent additions to a home for someone hoping to bring a little of the outdoors in.

Explore art

Have a canvas made of a photo you took on your last big hunt or your favorite hike. You don’t have to limit your wall art to paintings or photos — for example, framed branches or leaves can be breathtaking.

Install an indoor pond

Why have an ordinary aquarium when you can install a magnificent indoor pond? While you may or may not be interested in adding aquatic animals to your indoor space, an indoor pond will transform your home into an even more beautiful respite. With cool water and a plant or two in your favorite space, you can truly bring the outdoors in.

Don’t forget the backyard

Consider your backyard an extension of your home’s interior, and it’s another space that you can design to reflect your unique taste. A fire pit is a gorgeous way to bring some of that outdoor experience to your own property — not only can it add warmth and life to your space, but it can make you feel like you’re still out there sitting around an open fire. You can add other elements to your outdoor space to maximize its natural appeal, such as an outdoor shower, a lush garden full of native plants or a small pond.

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