Planning A Loft Renovation?

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Nowadays many people are more and more keen on the idea on converting their lofts into an extra room. Especially when there is an increase in the property prices, some households prefer to make some improvements in their loft rather than investing money into buying a new property. People try to use the most of the space that they possess due to variety of reasons – for example if there is a new member of the family that is about to come, or simply of the family wants to ensure an extra room for their guests.

However if you have seriously decided to invest in your loft renovation, you need to take into account some important details. Before starting up with this activity you should carefully think about the financing, regulations for the loft conversion as well as for the appropriate loft design. Taking into account that this is time consuming activity, we suggest you plan in details your loft renovation if expect promising final results. Here are our tips for planning an excellent home renovation:

The appropriate loft designs for your place

Some of the most common loft designs that will suit ideally into your space are:

  • The traditional loft conversion includes the installing of a guest bedroom altogether with en-suite shower room. This design will be indisputably a real investment
  • The home office loft conversion has also become a preferred option by many households, as more and more people work from home. This style includes many cabinets as well as wiring for all telecoms.
  • The teenage loft design comes also as a suitable option for accommodating the children, especially for those of them who need more space or for those of them who have special needs. Make sure that you have supplied the space with suitable bureau, TV and of course, a computer.

Finance your loft renovation

Typically if you plan major structural work in your loft, you need to plan very carefully your finances. Here you have two option. The first one is to use professional services for your loft conversion. If your current budget allows you to do so, then the only thing you need to do is to make a research for the best company in the area that offers loft conversion. If, however, your budget is more stretched you can try with your loft renovation on your own. Whether by talking a personal loan, or by using money that you have saved up for renovation, take into account that the loft conversion will definitely affect your monthly budget.

Be aware of the regulations

When you have planned your loft renovation, we advise you to get interested into further details about the regulations of the loft conversion. You may not need a planning permission before you make any changes, however you need to be acquainted with the building regulations. Otherwise you risk to end up with a free storage space than with an extra room for your guests and family. By all means, we are sure that this is not a situation that you want to experience, so check carefully all the regulations before you start.

These are some of the things to consider when you plan the loft renovation. Do not forget to clean carefully after you have finished with the procedures there. Ensure the appropriate cleaning products and look everywhere for spot or dirt that you might have missed. If it is necessary hire any company like DomesticCleanLondon to help you. Then, your loft will become an ideal and comfortable addition of your home, suitable for working, playing or whatever activity you want to practice.

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