DIY Home Projects You Don’t Want to Tackle Alone

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So you think you’re handy? Taking on household projects saves you money, so you’re all about becoming a weekend DIY warrior. Sure, you may want to do it yourself so it gets done right, but you should never risk safety. Some projects can be extremely dangerous for the untrained home without the tools, knowledge and experience needed to complete the task. Below is a list of home improvements you should leave to the professionals—because you’re good, but not that good.

Structural Changes

If you’re interested in knocking a wall down to open up the space between the kitchen and dining area, think again. Walls are hiding places for electrical wires, water pipes, gas pipes, drains and vents. You could start the tear down only to break a gas pipe or saw though an electrical conduit. You will need experienced contractors who know ow to use a mig welder and know how to look for these road blocks and what to do to get around them.

If you’re not familiar with house structures, you could also damage your home by accidentally tearing down a load-bearing wall. One way to check on a particular DIY project is to see if the city has any regulatory codes for that type of change, suggests Life Hacker. If there are code requirements for a structural change, it’s probably not something you can do yourself.

shutterstock_175988228Window Replacements

Getting new energy-efficient windows installed in your home is a simple way to save money. But it’s a project for professionals. Any type of window replacement requires special tools and a knowledge of insulation and how to seal the new window from drafts. A poor insulation job can allow heat to escape from your home, driving up your heating bill and counteracting your original purpose for replacement. Companies like Champion Home Exteriors help guide homeowners through the entire window-replacement process, making sure the job is done the right way.


This sounds simple, and fixing faucets or replacing a toilet can be a DIY project. But when the problem is with a drain into the city system, you need an expert. Your plumbing system works well when it has the right size pipe, the right connectors and the right angles to allow water to drain properly. A problem in any of these areas can cause your drains to get backed up, causing major future damage to many areas of your home. In Mississauga, ON you can find specialists, who will be able at to help you, so as just to consult.

Electrical Work

Nearly all electrical work is something for the professionals to do. Many projects, such as putting a new outlet in a room, are regulated by city codes and must be done exactly as specified. Besides the regulations, home electrical work can be deadly.

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, 30,000 people receive an electrical shock in their home every year. This is due to a variety of causes and sometimes it’s because of an unprepared homeowner attempting a DIY project. The electrical current in a home is so deadly because it cycles at the same frequency as the human heart. Touching bare wires can disrupt your heart’s rhythm and you could have a heart attack from the shock.

Garage Doors

Most garages use large springs to reduce the weight of the door when it’s lowered or raised. These springs are under a tremendous amount of pressure. If you are having any issues with your garage door contact Tip Top Garage Doors – Charlotte. Sometimes a spring or cable can break, sending the spring flying through the air, often punching a hole in the garage wall. Let a professional replace broken garage door springs and save yourself from being injured be a deadly airborne spring.

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DIY Home Projects You Don’t Want to Tackle Alone

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  1. Unfortunately, a big part of the job professionals have is fixing the DIY attempts. Save yourself time and money by referring to a professional from the get-go !

    Nick May 13, 2014 at 4:48 pm #
  2. Nice Post for reference about DIY Home Project, i like this post

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