4 Gadgets Everyone Needs in Their Kitchen

Everyone loves a new toy to play with, whether you are 12 or 62. The kitchen is one of those rooms where gadgets are abundant – from food prep tools to items that make your daily life easier. We scoured the internet (and our Sky Mall magazine) to find 5 things that we think are the coolestt since machine sliced bread.


Well we are just not sure how people lived without this! Paper towels are a kitchen clean-up essential, but look what else! You can charge four USB devices using only one power plug. And, the icing on the cake in our opinion, is that the top doubles as a wine stopper. Cheers!

41eTxWW+o4L._SX425_Nest Compact Food Prep Set

Perfect for those smaller kitchens, this item is colorful and useful! The set includes 4 food prep bowls and 5 measuring cups in a rainbow colored design. When not using them, stack them all up and store them in a super efficient way! Buy it!


Don’t want to buy a juicer, mixer, blender, or margarita maker? You need one of these. While the price tag is a bit scary at first, think of how convenient this little tool could be and the counterspace you will save. It even has a blade that heats up to make soup! Yum! Buy it!

606368pElectric Wine Opener

We can’t get enough of this wine opener – the easiest to use we have ever seen! You simply press one button and the screw goes into the cork and removes it. No twisting and turning. Added bonus: there is a foil cutter in the base. Buy it!

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