How Can I Make Sure My Agent is Reputable?

With today’s cyber driven tools being accessed and used by a large majority, reviews for just about anything can be the difference between this restaurant or that movie. In real estate, sites like Yelp can be beneficial when finding the right realtor to work with. There is nothing wrong with Yelp, but these reviews may not be the most reputable reviews when it comes to our industry.

Well, where should you look to do some quick research?

ID-100144436You can find each realtors affiliation online at the Office of Consumer Affairs where you can check licenses and verify companies.

Now say you’ve already booked an appointment with an agent. What you should expect is a fee disclosure statement at the moment of first contact. This is required by law in Massachusetts and will be a red flag signal if you aren’t presented one to sign. Reputable agents don’t necessarily need to dress in a suit and be a smooth talker; we also have a responsibility to act in between the landlord and a perspective client. Good agents come to a showing prepared and committed to showing a property as an intermediate, not a seller.

Honesty and professionalism are key attributes you should be looking for in your agents!

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